Production in Modulform JSC includes the following main processes, grouped in respective workshops and sections:

Workshop: Press


The workshop is equipped with 15 pcs. presses, including step presses, working with strips and providing the necessary capacity for the production of the relevant details and components.

Workshop: Cutting

Seven high-performance laser cutting machines are available in the shop, providing unlimited possibilities regarding the contour of the metal being processed and enough performance to power the production flow.
Also available are 6 slitting machines for perpendicular cutting, complete with two machines for cleaning the edges of the cut parts. They provide fast and cheap cutting of simple details.

Section: Bending

The section has 4 double bending machines and two semi-automatic ones for simple bending.

Workshop: Welding

The workshop is equipped with 28 pcs. Kloos welding robots, some of which work as pairs, giving the opportunity and capacity to perform all welding operations during the technological process.

Laser Welding Section

Formed as a necessity to solve a specific task, the section is extremely innovative and its serious development is ahead.

Workshop: Coatings

The workshop has three automated lines for preparing the metal products for painting and the subsequent application of powder epoxy-polyester coating. The lines are equipped with the necessary units for rapid color change, as well as with high-performance guns for applying the coating of the company "GEMA".

Workshop: Assembly and packaging

The workshop is divided into sections, enabling the automation of assembly and packaging activities for the individual products produced at the same time.


The warehouse area is divided, giving the possibility to form areas for temporary storage before shipment for the individual products, as well as for a warehouse with the possibility of storing an operational reserve requested by a respective customer to guarantee the rhythm of deliveries.

Workshop: Instrumental

Equipped with all the necessary metalworking machines, ensuring the production and maintenance of the necessary punching and stamping tools, as well as a large part of the process tools and fixtures.