About us

Modulform JSC

Modulform JSC is an innovative company in the field of furniture production. The company specializes in the production of metal elements, parts and finished final products.


Modulform's vision is to transform raw materials into products with style.
The main goal of our team is to turn everyone's home and office into a favorite place to socialize, rest or work, enjoying aesthetic and comfortable furniture. Our desire is to produce modernly designed and at the same time durable and sustainable furniture that makes our life easier and more pleasant.


Modulform's products are tables, desks and chairs for the home and office, sofas, beds, metal elements, furniture structures and mechanisms.


At the core of our company policy are honesty, openness and mutual respect in relations with business partners and government institutions. Also caring for workers, ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, because what makes Modulform special are our workers!
An important mission for our company is to preserve nature today for our children tomorrow. Care for nature is ensured because Modulform follows European environmental standards and requirements for clean production.
Another company policy is related to constant assurance of high quality, because this is a guarantee for the growth of Modulform! This is done through precise quality control throughout the entire production flow, starting with incoming raw materials and ending with the finished product.